Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Last week's project...

- was to paint these book cases we have finally managed to get.

Even though we have already finished some of the bigger projects, we haven't yet managed to personalise the rooms.

So that's my goal for this autumn (and yes, I know I haven't managed to follow my Christmas 2015 plan 😏) - and I am really excited about it.

First I gave them one coat primer, and after sanding it down two coats white glossy paint. 

After my lovely Hubby put them up for me, I could finally give our living room the first personal touch - and unpack yet another couple of boxes which wasn't so bad either 😉

So here is the final result and I am really pleased with it - suddenly it feels like we are on the right path to creating a lovely corner to spent a cosy evening with a good book or some knitting in the cold winter months.

Gitte x

Thursday, 13 August 2015

OK - I know...

- I am NOT really very stabil doing this blogging thing. It's like sometimes I have the time and energy and loads of things to write about and sometimes I don't. I guess I'd rather write about something that I'm really excited about or nothing at all.

So here I am - back on the keyboard because there is infact something I am really excited about. 


For a while an idea of making the girls each a patchwork blanket for their bed has materialized in my head - so today I have spent a fortune on fabric for two similar, yet different blankets.

For Freya in blue, red and pink tones

For Matilde in blue and orange tones

Most of the fabrics are from "Tilda Fabric" and they are all bought in Panduro Hobby.

To be honest, most pachtwork I don't really get or like - although I admire all the time and effort people put into these projects.

But nevertheless I am going to try it myself - and please don't think I am going to make some crazy patterns with all kinds of shapes and sizes... Believe me I'm not!

I am going to make the blanket in squares, probably 5x5 inches, finishing of with a border and backing it with one fabric. Most of the work will be done on my sewing machine, although I will have to do the quilting by hand i the end.

I am very excited about getting started on this project, so step one will be to cut all the squares before lining them all up making the pattern I want.

More to follow...

With this I wish you all a fantastic day.

Gitte x

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Happy New Year...

- I can't believe it is now 2015.

And after a lovely Christmas holiday with the girls and both mine and my husband families, I am - once again - looking back on December with the feeling that there was so much I didn't get to do. 

Like finishing our nephews stocking (he's 3 next year), make the meringue christmas tree with licorice and raspberry decorations, send out the Christmas card to actually arrive before Christmas, do my Christmas Journal (I haven't really started yet...), make my own gift wrap etc. etc...

I absolutely LOVE Christmas and there is sooooo much I would like to do, so this year I plan to have Christmas all year - not with christmas decorations and mince pies in July, but to prepare one Christmas thing each month so I can enjoy it.

This means when we once again reach 1 December I have time to do all the baking and cooking I enjoy - with my girls of course.

So here is the list:
January: Johannes' stocking
February: 2014's Christmas Journal
March: Gift wrapping
April: Gift tags
May: ???
June: Make Christmas Cards
July: ???
August: Prepare advent calendar for the girls
September: Prepare 2015's Christmas Journal
October: Buy Christmas presents
November: Christmas Candle decorations and write Christmas Cards 
December: Enjoy baking and cooking and post the Christmas cards and wrap the presents :-) 

How do you find December - do manage to do what you planned?

So with that I wish you all a Merry Christmas :-)

Gitte x