Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Last week's project...

- was to paint these book cases we have finally managed to get.

Even though we have already finished some of the bigger projects, we haven't yet managed to personalise the rooms.

So that's my goal for this autumn (and yes, I know I haven't managed to follow my Christmas 2015 plan 😏) - and I am really excited about it.

First I gave them one coat primer, and after sanding it down two coats white glossy paint. 

After my lovely Hubby put them up for me, I could finally give our living room the first personal touch - and unpack yet another couple of boxes which wasn't so bad either 😉

So here is the final result and I am really pleased with it - suddenly it feels like we are on the right path to creating a lovely corner to spent a cosy evening with a good book or some knitting in the cold winter months.

Gitte x

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  1. its so lovely to see some posts from you, after sooo long! :) You always have such an eye for lovely things - you have it all cosy and homely in no time i'm sure. Lots of love to you all x x x