Sunday, 30 September 2012

Saturday family time

I am so lucky that both my girls take after me in the crafty department - put some hama-beads, paper and glue or just coloring pens in front of them and they are off. It's fab to see them develop their own styles - yet very hard NOT to guide them too much and make them do things my way :-)

Sometimes - not very often - but sometimes I manage to be a little bit organised - and normally when we are going to all the birthday partys the girls are invited to we more or less go and buy the present  on the way there... BUT NOT THIS TIME.

So with the presents already bought I thought it would be nice for the girls to make their own gift wrap, and with my newly invested small ink pads and my stamps I they made the most gorgeous wrapping paper.

I am so ready to give the wrapping paper for Christmas a go.

My husband was watching from the kitchen - he volunteered do the dishes all by himself not to get involved in the potential mess :-)

Until next time...

Gitte xxx


  1. awww bless em, they look so content there stamping away xx see you Friday xx

  2. Aw, personalized giftwrap was always one of our favorite things to do. Very cute.

  3. lovely to see them so busy!