Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Cards, Cards, Cards...

- or should I just say one card, because that is all it is.

Whilst I am still thinking long and hard about my Christmas Cards (think it involves something with 6x6 kraft paper cards, hessian (or do you call it burlap here, still confused and don't even know if there is a difference), some stars and perhaps a sneeky stamp), I thought I would share a card I made for my sister who has just moved.

It has to be said that after the summer I have really struggled with getting my scrapbook pages going again - many anight have I unpacked everything only to put it away after 2 hours of paper shifting :-)

So at the last class at Louise's I thought I'd cut my loses and make a couple of moving-house-cards instead. I did get a lot of slack for not having finished the first one after an hour - lol - but then I was on a roll and made the next one i about ten minutes and regain the respect :-)

And here it is - still on my desk as I still haven't bought the kitchen scales I want to sent with it. I guess I must make that my next project...

Gitte xxx


  1. looking forward to seeing your christmas card design this year! great cards x

  2. Hi Found you from Louise's blog - that is a beautiful card :)