Sunday, 7 October 2012

Dinner with friends

A few weeks ago we was invited to the Christening of our lovely nephew Jonannes. I was a lovely day with family and VERY nice food.

I have to admit I have never been a fan of the thought of bulgur wheat and spelt salad but that day I saw the light. We had the most fantastic various salads with spelt, fennel, sun dried tomatoes and green beans (not all in the same bowl of course).

Today, after 5 k of orienteering, we had some very good friends over for lunch and after hunting high and low for some spelt grain with no luck, I decided to try a green bean salad my good friend Anette told me about.

It is very delicious and so easy to make too - here are the ingredients if you want to try:

Fresh green beans - blanched
Feta cheese
Red onion
Almond flakes

2 parts olive oil
1 part balsamic vinegar
1 part acacia honey

Bon appetit!

Gitte xxx

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  1. sounds like a nice dish! Did you take any photos when you were all out orienteering? x