Tuesday, 9 October 2012


After my last post, Louise asked me if we didn't take any pictures - and for once my dear husband actually brought his beloved camera.

It started of a bit foggy but by the end of the 5k the sun came out and it turned out to be a lovely Octobers day.

Here are a couple of shots from the day!

The big girls running off lots and lots of energy pretending to be witches

Freya spotting the next post and therefore the one who gets to stamp the card
So this was the last event of the season, but the first time Freya, who is three, walked all 5k by without her pushchair - WELL DONE!!!
Gitte xxx

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  1. Go Freya, so going to miss her growing up. Missing you guys, not looking forward to our first Orienteering without you. By the way, don't we look stylishin our boots!