Sunday, 14 October 2012

Mission accomplished

I don't know if you remember the card I made for my lovely sister who has moved into a new house - and more so the missing present I was going to get.

That mission is now accomplished! And with the help from my to fantastic girl, I didn't have to send it to her without a personal touch. They both desided to make some hama-bead-creations for their favourite aunti and here are the results.

I have to say that they went to great lengths in their attempts not to smile
- but luckily it didn't work.
Gitte xxx


  1. Aw, what lovely bears! So cute! x

  2. Mine have done many of these over the years..dinosaurs and lions tho, no teddy bears. They are a labour of love, i lost count of the times i knocked them and messed up the beads lol. Your sister will love them xx