Thursday, 29 November 2012

Back Again...

- and how I have missed being here, but sometimes life just throws things at you that has to be dealt with and without boring you with the details, thankfully life has returned to it's busy but normal self.

I haven't done any scrapbooking, cardmaking or sewing and we still live in the UK, nothing has changed there yet, so all the home furnishings I was going to make are still in my head (allthough I did manage to buy an overlocker a couple of weeks ago which I can't wait to use...)

All I have managed to do is to re-knit my husbands scarf from last christmas (disastrous design choice made it roll, so the poor man was wearing a knitted sausage round his neck), a similar scarf for Matilde as she now refused let go of daddy's new scarf and a knitted trapper hat (the one with the fur flap on the front) to match - for Matilde, not my husband...

The result is that now I have a list as long as an arm and a leg of things I want to do for Christmas and beyond and I can't wait to get stuck in - as well as all the lovely catching up I have to do on all of your blogs - a lot of happy days to come.

Until next time (not so long from now).

Gitte x

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