Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Big Move

After a very hectic and - sometimes - stressful few months (hence the lack of blogging...) the big move has finally happened. We have moved back to Denmark and even though it has to be said that it wasn't at all easy to say goodbye to all our wonderful friends back in England, I can safely say that we have had a good start.
We have now been here a few weeks, and have moved into a house that we have taken over from an elderly lady who have lived here for nearly 50 years - need I say more. It needs updating, decorating and - in a few cases - moving around, and I am really looking forward to sharing all changes we make and experiences we get along the way with all of you. Any feedback, comments and ideas you would like to share are very welcome so please feel free to leave them.
But to start where we started when we arrived just three weeks ago, I think it would only be appropriate to share the very first photos of the house before the Norgaard Family took over.
Some might say that the style is so retro that it is in again...
The front of our new Home

 The Living room
 The Dining room - note the hatch to the kitchen!
 The very small kitchen - note hatch again...
 One of the girls bedroom (the other one is so small we couldn't get a decent picture...)
                                 The Bathroom...                               - and the toilet

The Master Bedroom
 And finally the biggest room in the basement - "soon" to be my craft room
(currently full to the brim of unpacked boxes...)
- so until next time...
Gitte x



  1. Hi lovely - you can relax and settle down now, the worse bit is over. I'm still loving the living room wallpaper. Looking forward to the next time xx miss you xx

    1. I really wish you were here to help me with all your wonderful ideas xx - miss you too xxxx

  2. Welcome to your new home.
    I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do with it.
    Good luck,
    Joy xx

    1. Hi Joy - thank you for popping by to follow us on our journey.
      Gitte x

  3. Glad you've got there safely. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.