Friday, 3 May 2013

Getting Ready For The Floor Man

From the first time we saw the house we knew that all the floors were the original wooden planks from when the house was built in 1938 - and even though the were now very dark from many layers of varnish and many years of use, they were still in a very good condition and only needed sanding down to come back to life.

So the first tradesman we contacted was the local "floor-sander-man", D.B.F. Gulvservice. But before he could start, we had to prepare all the floors and take off any carpets and skirting boards.

My parents were here, and whilst my mum and I were working on taking down the old wallpaper in the bedrooms, my dad's most important job (under strict instructions from Lars, who was still in England at the time) was to get all the floors ready. So the night before, the only thing left to do was to take out the cooker and remove the carpet in the kitchen -only to find:

The top layer of carpet
One layer of vinyl
One layer of MDF
Another layer of vinyl
And yet another layer of MDF...

So instead of a ten minute job, my poor dad was on his hands and knees for 3 long hours...

But the result is fantasic - and here are a few photos to prove it :-)
Floors before

Floors after

Have a fantastic and hopefully sunny bank holiday weekend.

Gitte x


  1. Secretly Lars knew how many layers were on that kitchen floor!! that's why he stayed here lol! Hope your dad's knees are okay. It looks great Gitte, very you xx Love to you all xx

  2. They look amazing! Bet your Dad was not impressed lol!

  3. Really looking good all of creative flooring, nice job by you. Hope your dad should be fine now and impressed too. :)