Thursday, 9 October 2014

It just took me back...

Hi all

Having taken the girls to school and nursery and walked the dog I sat down in my favorite chair with a nice warm cup of coffee and my phone - so nothing new there...

The only difference is that I pressed the Pinterest button on my phone, which I haven't done for a long, long time. And suddenly I was back at Louise's, sat in her kitchen with Sarah, Karen and Jackie, Scrapping and chatting (normally mainly chatting...), realizing that I haven't done ANY since we moved back to Denmark last year.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I haven't done anything creative at all. I've starting sewing again and in the winter I love knitting. This means that the girls have a constant supply of new clothes and my dear husband has finally got his Icelandic Sweater he's wanted for years.

- Oh, and then there are obviously all the things round the house.

And suddenly, for some strange reason, I felt the urge to some blogging, not that I have previously been very consistent or anything... So here I am, back at the computer sharing with you all the project that I am filling my life with at the moment.

Making an anorak for my husband, using his dad's old Tenson one from the 70's as a pattern. 
(Slightly worried that it will turn out looking a majorly home-made)

Getting our new utility room ready for painting by scraping off all the old terpentine based paint so the walls can breathe 
(not my favorite job, but very excited about getting it done)

Putting in all out new windows and doors that arrived just yesterday.
(VERY excited about that one)

So as you can probably guess I am not bored...

Have a lovely autumn day everyone.

Gitte x


  1. OH MY!!! I can't believe your post just popped up in my reader. How fabulous to see you my lovely Gitte. say "walked the dog" ?? Since when have you had a pooch :) It's lovely to hear that some things remind you of your time here, the kitchen table is no longer - it never was the same once you'd gone. It looks like the house is still an ongoing project, I still hope to see it one day. Love to you, Lars and the girls. Keep those posts coming.... and a photo of your baby dog x x x x

  2. I know - thought I could surprise you (I even surprised myself...)
    No dog though - was just dog-sitting for a week and he only ran away once (but luckily came back again - after a man had called the owner, the police and the Danish RSPCA...)
    I need to join you on FaceTime when you´re next having a class - I really do miss you.
    Oh - and next post is coming up :-)
    Lots of love to you and your wonderful family - and I will see you again soon.
    G xxx
    ps there is just over 2 months until Christmas... I bet you´ve already got something up your sleeve - can't wait to see it :-)