Tuesday, 14 October 2014

It's amazing...

what you can achieve when you have family and friends - and someone who knows what he is doing - around you.

All the windows and doors on one floor are already in - and only with one broken glass (on one of the old windows...)

The big moment was when they managed to lift out the big front windows without braking it. It took 4 grown men - and 4 girls of various ages to cheer - to do it. It is now up for grabs for free, as long as you take it away yourself... With about 400 lbs and a measurement of 113x62 inches I really hope someone bites as I don't how else we'll get rid of it :-)

Before                 During                        After

I can't believe what a difference it has made to the house, both inside and out. I absolutely love it and can't wait until the last four goes in next weekend.

And with this photo and with the smell of hot chocolate and waffles I wish you all a lovely afternoon.

Gitte x 


  1. it really has made a difference hasn't it. The bigger window looks lovely x

    1. I know - and now I can't wait for the new raised patio to go up sometimes in the spring :-)