Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Time to JYD...

- so going down town earlier today I was on a mission to find something I could use for my Christmas Journal for 2014.

Since I haven't managed to do one for '12 and '13, it's very important for me to get one done for 2014 - but I am also aware that there are lots of other thing going on, so I have set up a few criteria:

  • I have to use a finished book - i.e. a notebook or a folder.
  • I need to find a set colour scheme.
  • Most of my embellishments etc. have to be pre-made.
  • It will mainly be a photo journal with a few comments supporting them.
  • I aim to get each day done the following morning.

I knew exactly where to go. We have this great store called "Søstrene Grene" where you can get anything from interiors and toys to candles, napkins and crafty bits and pieces at very reasonable prices.

And they didn't disappoint - and this here is what I found:

So now it's just getting started :-)

Have a fantastic day.

Gitte x


  1. You are good Gitte..I know whatever you use for your Christmas Journal it will be wonderful. I'm not doing one this year :( x x

    1. Oh Louise - despite my very good intentions I haven't started it yet... But I will! How many years have you managed to do? X x x