Wednesday, 19 November 2014

It's amazing to...

- see what you can actually achieve when you put your mind to it - and when you have a bet going on with your neighbor of course :-)

I am very proud to announce that all the cabelling in the living room is done and almost ready for connecting to the mains - all by me...

Didn't think I had it in me :-) 

Have a great day.

Gitte x


  1. That's the techno geek in you lol!! I'm not surprised...I hope it was a bet worth winning. X x

  2. I haven't won it yet Louise - we need to have finished by 1st December and it's going to be tight, but we are working day and night at the moment. But I know it will be worth it. x x x

  3. Wow, congratulations. I realy do a lot by myself in my little house, but making the electric .... chapeau!
    Tonns of energy to you

    1. Hi Elisabeth
      Thanks for your lovely comment and not at least for your energy - it's much needed :-)
      Gitte x