Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Novembers project...

- has now been kick started, why rest on our laurels and get bored 
:-) And let's just say that we are no less ambitious this time than we were with the window project.

So the plan is to revamp the living room and hall - with a goal to finish no later than 1 December for Christmas to kick in, so no pressure...

This, among other things, means strip off old wallpaper, take down a wall, redo the electrics, brick up old doorways, break down the door to the basement, get the painter in to do up the walls and ceilings, get the floor man in to sand down the floors etc. etc....

We have of course cheated and started already, and then today we realised that the electrician we wanted wasn't going to make it... Not good when you have booked the painter to start on Monday :-)

Luckily we are not the first ones in this area who have done up a whole house (perhaps the most optimistic and unrealistic, but haven't we all been there...), so we called one of our lovely neighbors and knowing what we are going through, he was here fifteen minutes later. So even though my husband definitely thinks I am slightly mad, I am still optimistic :-)

So here's the starting point - and then you just have to wait until 1 December for the result (I wish...)

So until next time...

Gitte x


  1. Oh my...you will be busy over the next few weeks x hope it all goes well x

  2. I know... and maybe I'm being slightly ambitious... Only time will tell